Like, many friends…

Fletcher the K-9 from Orange County Fire-Rescue stopped by today to say hello to TERT OH-1 and express pawsitively wonderful thanks for all the team’s work. The team are still in good spirits and healthy; shifts are now divided into 3 platoons: 0500-1700, 1200-2400, and 1600-0400. Run volume remains at approximately 1,200 calls every 24 hours. This is likely to continue as more evacuees return to their homes and businesses, especially in the very hard-hit Gulf Coast section of the county. South Fork Fire-Rescue has been kind enough to allow use of their shower facilities to the team, which everyone is thankful for, especially since the air

HAVOC-1 stands tall amidst a beautiful Florida sunset.

conditioning in the tent has frozen up. LCSO command staff have been complementary of the team’s work, and we are thankful for their hospitality.  Pictures and releases are continuing to be posted daily on, and on our Facebook page, Ohio TERT.