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After Action

TERT OH-1 team members who were available met in Ashland on 4 November for a post-deployment briefing. The team and committee discussed how the deployment for the team who were in Lee County and for the committee members who were supporting from back home.

Job Done; Packing for Home…

The team ended their last shift at midnight. Job done, the team is packing up this morning, and expects to leave for Georgia this afternoon. The team is tired, but looking forward to a hot shower, and being able to sleep in a bed, inside a structure. The quote that has been given many times […]

Last Shift

  The team ends their last shifts tonight at midnight. They received a sendoff from K-9 Koa from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Tomorrow, the team starts demobilizing Camp Ohio and will likely depart for Georgia to start their trip home.

Finish Line is In Sight

The team is getting down to the last few shifts. Saturday is their last day covering positions at Lee County Sheriff’s Communications Bureau. The last shift will end at midnight. Sunday, the team will work on demobilizing ‘Camp Ohio’, and start on the way home. Everyone is tired, but in good spirits. Some of the […]

Early Demobilization

The team was today advised by Florida TERT Committee Chairman Natalia Duran that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division has advised that their center and personnel have recovered to a point where TERT OH-1 is no longer needed and will therefore be demobilized 3 days early. The team’s shifts will end at midnight on […]

Thanks from Florida APCO and Florida TERT

TERT OH-1 personnel continued working today, and with the major step of public utility crews making entry to the barrier islands of Lee County, call volume continues to escalate. The access of personnel to facilitate restoration of electricity to the hardest hit areas is a key hurdle on the road to recovery. Elsewhere, our team […]

Operations Continuing…

We’ve had the first casualty of the deployment. One of the smaller tents did not survive yesterday’s storm. It was being used as a rest & recuperation area, not a sleeping quarter, so there is little change for the team. But, this is still a reminder that Mother Nature is still very much in charge. […]

Blame It On The Rain….

Not even TERT OH-1 is immune to Mother Nature. A locally heavy thunderstorm created a bit of pond in the campsite. No injuries, all equipment is okay, but a lesson to always be prepared for everything! Run volume is picking up. Lee County and the municipal governmental jurisdictions within it are starting to let evacuees […]

Operations Day 3

Our staff continued today with Day 3 of operations at Lee County Sheriff’s Office 911 Center. The staff continues in 3 platoons; it is expected that they will start rotating days off in the next day or two. Lee County Domestic Animal Services has been kind in lending the team 3-100-foot water hoses to facilitate […]