The team met in Columbus for training, dinner, and friendship. We went over the 2 previous deployments, discussed upcoming training opportunities for this year, and had dinner at a local restaurant to welcome new personnel to the team! A great evening! For team personnel, the document that Johnna referenced during the deployment training can be downloaded here.

Full Team Meeting Schedule, 2024 (Times TBA)

February 19

May 14

September 10ish (State Conference)

November 19


Committee Meeting Schedule, 2024 (All 10AM)

January 16

April 15

July 15

October 21

TERT OH-1 team members who were available met in Ashland on 4 November for a post-deployment briefing. The team and committee discussed how the deployment for the team who were in Lee County and for the committee members who were supporting from back home.

The team returned on Tuesday afternoon to Gahanna, and following a debriefing, headed home to their respective parts of the Buckeye State. On behalf of the entire TERT OH-1 team, and the Ohio TERT Committee, we express our THANKS to the agencies and organizations that made the deployment possible. All deployed personnel should have received information on the upcoming reimbursement webinar meeting. The in-person team AAR meeting is being planned now.

Representing for the Buckeye State

The team stopped last night in Ocala, Florida, for the night. Tonight, they are stopped in Knoxville, Tennessee, for a last dinner as TERT OH-1, and to assist local authorities in fishing a goalpost out of a river.

Tomorrow, the team will arrive back in Ohio, and head back to their respective friends, families, and centers. There will be meetings, debriefings, and after action reports, for sure. From the newest member of the Task Force all the way up to the Committee Chairs, this has been at once a learning experience for all of us, and a sight to behold. Likely, many articles will be written, and seminars held, to talk through how this EMAC activation went from a paper request from Florida to assembling a full Task Force in 4 days. But, for the entire Ohio TERT team, as we witnessed it, this was a great moment for our team, for our State, and for all the organizations that supported our work to carry out our chartered mandate.

God Bless Florida.

We done good.

Its True. It’s Damn True.

The team ended their last shift at midnight. Job done, the team is packing up this morning, and expects to leave for Georgia this afternoon. The team is tired, but looking forward to a hot shower, and being able to sleep in a bed, inside a structure. The quote that has been given many times during the deployment is, “…experience of a lifetime…” This team of telecommunicators, themselves the best of their home agencies, were tested in many ways. They worked without days off, in a center foreign to them, on a phone and CAD system foreign to them, and they not only filled the need, they THRIVED. This grit and determination is part of what makes the TERT program such a critical tool for public safety communications centers in the aftermath of disasters like Ian.


The team ends their last shifts tonight at midnight. They received a sendoff from K-9 Koa from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Tomorrow, the team starts demobilizing Camp Ohio and will likely depart for Georgia to start their trip home.

The team is getting down to the last few shifts. Saturday is their last day covering positions at Lee County Sheriff’s Communications Bureau. The last shift will end at midnight. Sunday, the team will work on demobilizing ‘Camp Ohio’, and start on the way home. Everyone is tired, but in good spirits. Some of the goodbyes have started. We’re not crying, you’re crying.



The team was today advised by Florida TERT Committee Chairman Natalia Duran that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division has advised that their center and personnel have recovered to a point where TERT OH-1 is no longer needed and will therefore be demobilized 3 days early. The team’s shifts will end at midnight on Saturday, October 15. The team will spend Sunday reloading the equipment trailers and drive for the night to Georgia. They will drive to Central Tennessee on Monday, and plan to arrive back in Gahanna on Tuesday. Once a firm time is known, it will be posted here and on the team’s Facebook page. Family, friends, and media are warmly invited to welcome home the team.

Utilities crews in staging near LCSO HQ.

TERT OH-1 personnel continued working today, and with the major step of public utility crews making entry to the barrier islands of Lee County, call volume continues to escalate. The access of personnel to facilitate restoration of electricity to the hardest hit areas is a key hurdle on the road to recovery.

Elsewhere, our team had the chance to receive a visit from Florida APCO Chapter President Kathy Liriano and Florida TERT Committee Chair Natalia Duran. President Liriano and

Meeting FL-TERT Coordinator Natalia Duran and Florida APCO Chapter President Kathy Liriano.

Chiaman Duran were visiting with TERT personnel from elsewhere in Florida, and from Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Texas, who answered the EMAC request for assistance.

The team remains in good health and spirit but is tired.