Good evening.

The first shifts for the team are underway. For now, the dispatchers have divided into three platoons, working 0500-1700, 1200-2400, and 1700-0500. Upon receiving a briefing from the LCSO and an abbreviated training, the first day-shift crew started fielding calls on the LCSO non-emergency telephony system. The call volume remains high; many parts of Lee County still have limited accessibility, and damage estimates are still being undertaken. Ohio APCO President Johnna Sells took part in a conference call with Ohio EMA this afternoon, where they reaffirmed support for TERT OH-1, and stood ready to provide any support. The radio infrastructure has been found to be within acceptable tolerances, and repairs are underway. As such, the Ohio MARCS personnel have departed, and are returning to Columbus.

One team member is returning home to tend to a private matter. We are in the process of filling that position to maintain adequate manpower. Personnel from TERT TX-1 are also as LCSO, but are due to rotate out at the end of this week.

All other personnel are healthy, and in good spirits.