Overnight part of the tent collapsed. No injuries, was repaired.

Day 4 operations continued for TERT OH-1 on Saturday, working shifts in 3 platoons. There was a small issue to work through last night; part of the sleeping quarters tent collapsed around midnight. There were no injuries, and the tent was able to be repaired. But, the sleeping day-shift was rather suddenly awoken to find the proverbial sky was falling. Such is life on deployment. Semper Gumby.

Johnna Sells, Nick DiCicco

Last night, we discussed on the press release that, despite the disaster of Ian, daily operations continued. This evening, the night crew at LCSO is fielding calls related to a helicopter crash near Fort

Nighshift, Day 4.

Myers. APCO Ohio Chapter President Johnna Sells also departed this morning to head back. President Sells had been serving as Assistant Team Leader, coordinating logistics requests for the tea, from the Florida and Ohio EMAs.

All personnel remain in good spirits, and are tired, but healthy. Run volume remains brisk.